Just love



She has been hanging out with two kinds of people — those who bad-mouth love and those who worship it. She herself has tweeted and posted lines from a love song, a love poem, or a love quote. She has had her heart broken a few times too. At one point of her life, she chose to stop caring and having relationships. For sure, she blamed love for ruining her life, for breaking her trust in people, and for destroying her perceptions about being happy. At one point, she believed that love is the culprit so she chose to not feel anything to save her from the hurt. She thought that love as a bad thing that slowly kills. She puts up this wall so no one can enter. She is fine by herself, alone but happy.

But times are changing…

She knows she has to love someone who would grow old and take care of her. Her parents and siblings are getting old too. Someday, she will have to leave home and extend the affection to other people other than her family.

She knows she loved that someone who put her through pain. She loved someone who broke her heart. She knows she cannot erase him and the memories they shared from her memory. But she stopped hurting herself and hurting back. She stopped being bitter. The love she gave to someone who brought her sadness is the love that made her stronger. She has overpowered the hatred and unburdened herself of the baggage of the past. She has found the light. She feels light. She is light.

She knows that love makes a person feel invincible. She knows he is serious. She knows she can put down the walls and let him in. She knows they both deserve each other. But she really does not know how he feels. She can let go of everything when he does.

She is ready to love someone she cannot get enough of. She is finally feeling the thrills and excitement that make her crazier than ever. She wants to love someone who is sick in the head to think he is not worthit. She thinks he is. She will make him feel because she knows every one of us is still entitled to be loved.

She will love because even if love brings pain at times, she knows it still brings out the best in her. But most of all, she will love not for the reasons or causes that will benefit her, but because she thinks she is a wonderful person capable of sharing her light with people.

She has stopped attaching grief with love. She wants to open her heart again. She does not want to be scared anymore. Heartbreak will not ruin her potential of loving. She decides to love. She will just love.

Note: Offshoot and reply to Just Shut Up and Love Someone. 🙂


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